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Customers who already trust SIBS solutions

Get to know the large Portuguese and foreign companies that already receive payments with our solutions


SIBS was in the 2nd edition of the ePayments Day Portugal 2022 event


All the transactional information of your business, in a single online platform, in real time

A portal where you can track all your business payments, both in physical stores and online, refunds and much more

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“SIBS Backoffice has been a great help. We use the platform to manage payments. We can extract all the information from the stores, in real time, we can have the information per day and per POS closure, as we wish. We can manage all refunds and control all daily store closures through the Backoffice.”

Álvaro Amador (Chief Operations Officer) & Rita Conceição (Financial Department)

Daufood Portugal, Unipessoal Lda – Domino’s Pizza


A solution that provides everything you need to receive online payments

Receiving payments via your customers’ preferred payment methods has made all the difference for our customers


“SIBS has been a key partner in payment methods and digital business development. It allows access to a set of payment methods in a secure way (MB WAY, MULTIBANCO References and bank card) and concentrates all payments in the same gateway. The whole format of QR Codes Express allows a safe shopping experience, which is very important for us and for our customers.”

Pedro Soares Franco – Chief Operations Officer


“The platform is very intuitive. It provides us with the comfort of offering our customers payment methods that they are familiar with and they can use easily. In the time we’ve had Circular Closets, we’ve never had a single query from a customer asking how SIBS payment methods worked. This gives us invaluable security and confidence.”

Liliana Rosário – Founder & CEO

Circular Closets

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“In our online store, we offer three payment methods: MULTIBANCO Reference, Cash on Delivery and MB WAY. With the introduction of our online store, our turnover has gone up. The implementation of SIBS payment methods has been very positive. “

Nuno Vitorino – Store Manager

Piquete da Fruta


A payment terminal with unique applications for the most varied sectors of activity

Find out a new generation of payment terminals

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“We want technology to make our lives easier and this partnership is an example of technology helping consumers. We notice an increasing adoption for the products we have. For example, MB WAY represents 50% of the purchases in our online store and the sale of merchandising products of the Maratona Clube de Portugal, around 80% is made through the SmartPOS.”

Nuno Azevedo – Managing Director

Maratona Clube de Portugal

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