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Authorised Payments

Activate subscriptions and recurring payments in your business and watch your sales grow

Learn about the feature that makes the customer’s shopping experience easier on their monthly purchases, by subscription or recurring payments



More Sales

Reduce the loss of purchase funnel in your business and provide a better buying experience for your customers

Customer Loyalty

Increase recurring purchases and customer retention in your business by making your customer’s payment experience simpler and faster

Business Control

You can easily track how many customers have subscribed or cancelled the subscription service

How it works

MB WAY Authorised Payments allow your customers to make a one-time approval of a predefined amount that can be charged for each purchase or subscription/month without requiring further approvals. This will allow your customers to make purchases in your online store or Marketplace with just one click, significantly simplifying the purchasing process, encouraging recurring purchases and thus contributing to increased sales.

At the checkout of your online store offer the payment method “MB WAY Authorised Payments” and your customers will only need to complete the process on their MB WAY app.



Automatic payments of subscriptions (monthly, annual, or other) without the need for the consumer to authenticate each payment, on each of the billing dates

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