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Online Payments

Increase your purchase conversion rate with payment methods your customers trust

The solution that allows you to accept MB WAY, MULTIBANCO references and much more

Online Payments
Online Payments


Accept payments with trusted methods that your customers know well: MB WAY, MULTIBANCO References and Bank Card

Online Payments
Online Payments


A solution with an integrated fraud monitoring and management system, in realtime

Online Payments
Online Payments


You can find this solution for your online store in the main Portuguese financial institutions

Online Payments
Online Payments


Access for free an online platform that allows you to monitor transactions in your online store or physical terminals, in real time, in one single platform



Provide a new feature in your online shop that simplifies the purchasing process for your customers

Optimise your payment checkout

Accept payments quickly and safely and find a solution adaptable to your business and your needs.

The reliable solution of the main Portuguese financial institutions

Get to know the commercial terms


An online payments solution for many types of businesses

Discover a full range of payment options so you can provide your customers with a better shopping experience

QR Code Express

Functionality that allows the merchant to provide payments with QR Codes, without the need of a POS Terminal. It is possible to generate QR Codes corresponding to a product and a fixed amount

One-click payment

The customer authorises the storage of card data as a token for future use of the card in the shop. Use cases: merchants with an online store who wish to save card data for frequent payments


Allows you to receive payments with MULTIBANCO references in your business, with up to the minute expiration content and real-time payment notification

Authorised Payments

Learn about a feature that makes the customer’s shopping experience easier for their frequent, subscriptions or recurring purchases

3D Secure 

Security protocol that allows to identify the user of a specific card, providing a higher level of protection for both merchant and client

Split Shipments

This feature allows partial payments with one single payment authorisation


Centralised fund processing and division platform, especially designed for clients with omnichannel businesses (physical and digital)


Integration options

Choose the integration that best fits your type of business

Standard Integration
(Payment Form)

Incorporate a SIBS standard checkout, with no need for expert technical knowledge, that you can adapt to the styles of your site simply and quickly

We provide you with all the technical information

Do you want to integrate SIBS payments and just need to receive the technical information? Ask our specialists to send you the information you need to get SIBS Gateway on your site.

Tailored integration

Create a unique shopping experience for your customer by customising your checkout display to your customer

Get in touch with SIBS integrator partners

Want to integrate our online payments but need help? Get in touch with partner integrators who help our customers to integrate SIBS payment methods.


Accept payments on your Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento or Prestashop store

Online Payments
I only need the SIBS Plugin to get started

Already have an e-commerce site and need to install SIBS plugin? Contact us to receive the version of our plugin that fits your needs and we will assist you in the configuration


Keep track of all your business transactions, just one click away

Explore a platform where you can track your business payments in real-time, manage payments, refunds and much more

Centralised Information 

Monitor the transactions, refund processes, peak flow times and all the information about the sales in your stores, in a single platform

POS & Store Management

Manage the operation of all the POS terminals you have in your different stores

Peak Sales Times

If you know the peak sales times, you can better manage resources and staff in your store


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