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Count on our services to help you grow your business. Become part of SIBS partner programme and offer your customers the best payment methods on the market: MB WAY and MULTIBANCO.

Join SIBS Partners programme

You can count on us to support you in the development of your projects and the integration of the best payment solutions in your applications

Time to market response

We give preference to our Partners. We guarantee response times to requests that match the commercial dynamics required by the market


We want to encourage our Partners. We create conditions that allow them to distinguish themselves by the commercial success in their businesses and give preference to SIBS products and services.


Because the success of our Partners is our success, SIBS will be available to, jointly with the partners, support and facilitate the communication to divulge the partner companies and their products and services


SIBS provides several payment management tools for all types and sizes of companies, which enable you to know the profile of your customers and optimise payment methods in a multichannel and omnichannel vision. Additionally we provide technical documentation that guarantees the autonomy of our partners in terms of integration and certification of their applications 

Start-up incubator

Because the small companies of today are the big companies of tomorrow, we are therefore interested in knowing and supporting the development of projects that are innovative and disruptive

Technical Support

We provide technical support to projects that, due to their complexity, justify recurrent and proactive monitoring. Partners and customers may also be request these services on an exclusive basis and for the necessary time, under special conditions

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“The platform is very intuitive. It provides us with the comfort of offering our customers payment methods that they are familiar with and they can use easily. In the time we’ve had Circular Closets, we’ve never had a single query from a customer asking how SIBS payment methods worked. This gives us invaluable security and confidence.”

Liliana Rosário – Founder & CEO

Circular Closets

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