SIBS discloses Partner Program to its customers

Starting this November, SIBS inaugurates a new communication channel, direct to its customers. This e-mail marketing channel is intended to help in the promotion of the program to marketers, integrators, and partners. We intend these communications to be regular and thematic where we will spread news about the partnerships and partners, new products and features, new releases and use cases for the market. Whenever relevant, we will activate this channel to ensure that we keep you up to date with everything we are doing; there you will easily find information about the SIBS Partner program.

The program has, so far, the participation of relevant companies from the national and international spectrum, such as: AirMenu, CMAS, Elecctro, Javali, NewNote and Something Apps. These are companies publicly acknowledged by SIBS as recommended and certified partners, acting in several activity sectors such as mobile application development, software, website development, among other competences
To learn more about the SIBS Partner program or other SIBS payment solutions such as MB WAY, MULTIBANCO References and Bank Card, please visit our website (