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The accounts product provides you with APIs that allow you to validate your available balance, access account identification data and obtain consents to access ASPSP accounts.


Consent and Account Information APIs: Account information Service Providers with a PSD2 license/TPP certificate

Availability of Funds API: Account information Service Providers, Payment Initiation Service Providers and Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers with a PSD2 license/TPP certificate

API Accounts

With this type of information, you may provide your users with a consolidated view of their available balance, incomes, and spending. Based on the transactions history you may understand the spending behaviour of your users, both private and corporate, predict overdrafts and notify or offer them a credit line from your partner credit institutions, reconcile invoices with payments for corporates, alert for the possibility of fraud when abnormal spends occur, etc


The user grants the TPP the consent to access the account information.

Account Access

A user can access via mobile phone or web browser the account transactions accessible through its Bank interface.

Corporate & Fintech Order

The user can grant any registered AISP the access to the account information.

Define Accounts

The user can define which accounts to be made available to the TPP.

Customer Authentication

The Bank validates the identity of the user prior to any request for action.

Withdraw Consent

The user may revoke the consent at any time.

Included APIs
Account Information

Account Information API enables access to account identification data, account balances, and account transaction history.


Consent API performs the PSU authentication and returns a consent resource identifier that will allow you to access the ASPSP accounts that the PSU has provided consent to access.

Availability of Funds

Availability of Funds API enables you to check in real-time if your clients have enough available funds to honour a purchase they are doing with the card you issued to them.

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