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The Information product provides you with an API that allows you to receive detailed information on the participating banks in the SIBS API Market service.


Account Information Service Providers with a PSD2 license/TPP certificate

API Information

You may use this technical API to search through the list of banks adherent to the SIBS API Market service. It’s possible to find information for each of the adherent banks/ASPSP, get to know the list of APIs supported by the bank/ASPSP, its Identification (SWIFT BIC), full name, short name, logo.

Key Features
Connected Banks/ASPSP

Validate in real-time which banks are connected to the platform.

Available APIs per Bank/ASPSP

Validate in real-time which APIs each adherent bank is offering.

Bank/ASPSP Logos

Integrate the bank’s logo and short name to enrich the user experience.

Included APIs
List of Banks

This is an API that returns a list of the banks adherent to the SIBS API Market service and provides you information from each of the adherent banks.

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