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SIBS Gateway

SIBS Gateway is an online payment solution that simplifies the checkout process and boosts sales. Allow your customers to pay with the payment methods most used by Portuguese consumers.

Available for use by:

Consent and Account Information APIs: Account information Service Providers with a PSD2 license/TPP certificate

Availability of Funds API: Account information Service Providers, Payment Initiation Service Providers and Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers with a PSD2 license/TPP certificate

SIBS Gateway

SIBS Gateway is a solution aimed at all merchants with an online store who wish to provide the most practical and safe payment methods to their customers: MB WAY, MULTIBANCO Reference or Bank Card. This solution also provides an online platform that allows an aggregated view of transactions and performs a set of operations that enhance the day-to-day business.

Key Features
Backoffice Omnichannel

Provision of a backoffice to access the details of transactions, in real-time, with an omnichannel view.

MB WAY Purchases

Allows online store payments with mobile phone number, encouraging online purchase intentions.

Plugin Integration

Quick install and implementation on the main e-commerce platforms (ie: WooCommerce, Shopify, and others).

Two-step Payment

Possibility of implementing moments of payment authorization and capture deferred over time.

Split Shipment

Allows more than one charge in a single authorization.

3D Secure 2.1

Security protocol that allows you to authenticate the credit card holder offering greater online shopping security.

Service Payment Refund

SPG allows you to make refunds of purchases made through Service Payment.

Recurring Payments

Allows the triggering of recurring payments through a previously generated Token.

Included APIs

The Checkout Payment API allows you to start the process and collect information necessary for checkout. It also includes an operation that allows the merchant to check the status of a specific payment.

MB Service Reference

The MB Service Reference API allows you to generate a MULTIBANCO Reference for a payment registered at checkout. Providing a reference to the customer, so that he can make the payment in the available MULTIBANCO ATMs.


The MB WAY API triggers a payment request via MB WAY to the mobile phone number sent in the order. The response indicates the status of the notification for the MB WAY user. Payment only occurs after acceptance by the MB WAY user.


The Card API allows payment based on card data provided by the user at checkout. The response indicates the status of the transaction. Card payments must always use the payment form (the exception is for merchants compliant with the PCI-DSS standard).


The Token API allows the merchant to request the generation of a card Token during the payment transaction and to store that Token associated with each customer. Card tokenization brings a better shopping experience and security to the customer.


The Recurring API allows you to trigger recurring payments through a previously generated Token. This operation is similar to a Token-based payment but only requires the customer’s initial authorization.


The Refund API allows the refund of the amount (total or partial) of a previous payment (purchase or capture transactions only).


The Cancellation API allows the cancellation of the amount (total or partial) of a previous payment (only for authorized transactions or MULTIBANCO References).


The Capture API allows you to capture the value (total or partial) of a previous payment (authorized transactions only).

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